Running the civil war

The Field Manual: Federated Suns and Field Manual: Lyran Alliance details the principal divide between forces—their historical affiliation—as well as any exceptions to the standard pattern. For battles taking place in the early years of the war (3062-3064) the unit assignment tables found in the relevant Field Manuals are most appropriate, while later in the conflict (3065 3067) new units ('Mechs, tanks, fighters, etc.) entered service. To reflect this, players (particularly in A-class units) may wish to substitute new designs belonging to their faction (as found in the Classic BattleTcch Technical Readout: 3067) for those of the same weight found on the current tables.

As the war progresses, so do the opportunities for salvage and capture. To reflect this, a unit that has seen action against forces of another affiliation—Steiner against Davion, Davion against Kurita and so on—may roll once per company on that affiliation's tables (such salvage cannot simply be chosen), using the target's quality rating (for example, if the "F" rated Seventh Lyran Regulars take salvage from the "B"-rated 182nd ComStar Division, the player controlling the Seventh may roll on the "B" column of the ConiStar table). Of course, many battles pit units of the same affiliation against each other and in such circumstances there is no modification to the force selection process.

Yes, you'll have to provide the brainpower. More than that, you'll probably have to do some improvising to make things work for your own campaign. After all, if we were to try to cover every possibility, we'd have a book twice the size of the one you're reading right now just for the rules alone.

On the bright side, the framework we've given you here should give you more than a decent start on designing your own scenarios.

So what are you waiting for? Get to work!

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