The Right Spin

Reporter: General Chapman, can you tell us your plans for the next forty-eight hours? Gen. Chapman: Without going into the nitty-gritty of the plan, we have the city surrounded. If Marshal Eisner wants to see the reality of the situation, then she'll peacefully give up. If not, she'll give us no choice. Reporter: No choice for what, General? Gen. Chapman: No choice but to destroy the Chisholm's Raiders.

Reporter: Don't you think your soldiers will have a problem completely wiping out another AFFC unit?

Gen. Chapman: We are going to destroy them militarily. We are not murderers. We're not going to go in there and kill every single member of the Raiders.

Reporter: So you're not going to kill anyone? Don't you think that's a little shortsighted, General?

Gen. Chapman: This is a military operation, and there's going to be deaths... Reporter: So how would you respond to the family members of the soldiers you are about to murder?

Gen. Chapman: Look, we're in a war, and the unfortunate byproduct of war is death. They know that as well as my troops do. They've chosen to throw in with a ruler who has ordered more murders than anyone can count. They knew the costs of fighting for her as well as anyone else. I don't like that we're being forced to fight them, but I'm not going to let my feelings for Eisner's soldiers cloud my judgment or interfere with the operation. My men have to come first... Reporter: Okay General, you may not care about the soldiers you are about to kill, but what of the residents of Radcliffe? How can you justify their deaths, or have you just turned off your consciences?

Gen. Chapman: Hold on there just a minute. We are all soldiers in the AFFS. We swore an oath to protect the Federated Suns from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. We are not going to march right into Radcliffe and level the entire city. We are going to execute a precision military operation that will render the Chisholm's Raiders neutral as a military threat while at the same time limiting collateral damage as much as humanly possible. That means...

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By the beginning of October, Marshal Hasek ordered Chapman to attack. For his part, Chapman crafted an almost perfect plan (one that is rapidly becoming required study in academies all across the Inner Sphere). He arrayed his forces around the city, but purposely left several gaps in his lines that would give the Raiders routes of escape. Chapman attacked on the 9th of October with his own FedSuns Armored Cavalry, two battalions of additional 'Mechs, and a heavy brigade of mechanized infantry under Major General Silver. Attacking behind massed artillery assaults, Chapman's force hit the Raiders and forced them out of the city.

The Raiders' quickly discovered the holes in the surrounding Alliect forces and streamed out into the open country—where Major General Bills' armored regiments tore them to shreds while Chapman pushed the Armored Cavalry through the city to close the trap. The Raiders folded hours later, though only after (General Eisner was killed in her Stalker. Several DropShips boosted off from Radcliffe just before the final push that ended the Raiders as a fighting unit, escaping from the system before the Allied forces could intercept them. Leftenant General Ryan Davion-Cole, commanding the survivors still on the ground, tendered the unit's final surrender at 1935 hours on 10 October 3065, finally putting an end to some 35 rponths of constant warfare on Kathil.

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