The Turtle Iiiid The Scorpioil

People throughout the Inner Sphere call Victor Steiner-Davion the "Conqueror of the Clans" and the "Hero of Huntress," but many of the strategic decisions he made during the course of the war brought countless historians and analysts to question his true capabilities. As the first-born son of Hanse Davion, he commanded the loyalties of dozens of elite Regimental Combat Teams without question. He later served as ComStar Precentor Martial and Commanding General of the SLDF, appointed to those positions following his sister's assumption of power.

While he had a long string of victories against the Clans lust a few years ago, many began to rethink their perceptions of the former prince following hi? many failures during the Civil War. Like the most famous Davion princes of the past, he personally lead his troops into battle, apparently unwilling to subject them to danger he wouldn't accept himself. But unlike his progenitors, Victor proved almost wholly unable to pick the battles that truly mattered.

Throughout the Civil War. he made a long string of dubious strategic decisions, though none worse than perhaps his acceptance of House Dai Da Chi's "assistance" during the final months of the Civil War. Dispatched by Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao, House Dai Da Chi pledged its service to the former Prince on Tikonov. Victor refused to use the Warrior House in his drive on New Avalon and instead attempted to play one of the Chancellor's intricate political games by accepting Dai Da Chi's service - by assigning them to garrison duty, a task universally loathed by MechWarriors. Yet by doing that, he played directly into the Chancellor's hands. House Dai Da Chi rid Tikonov of its Federated Suns defenders and claimed the world as a Capellan Protectorate. In one fell swoop, the Chancellor had denied his ancient enemy an extremely important world and furthered his own standing by returning a traditional Capellan capital world to Confederation control.

So, like the ancient fable of the turtle and the scorpion, Victor turned his back on the Chancellor and was stung. He has not drowned yet, but he does not begin to learn from his mistakes, he may yet...

- Carter Treauman, from an editorial in The Defense Review, 15 June 3067

ade has become something of a diplomatic hot topic, Duke Hasek refuses to back down and the Confederation is apparently willing to steadily build up a military presence in the system until it can launch its own full-blown assault to liberate the world.

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