Noble Ruler: Duke Alfredo Sakuma

Star Type (Recharge Time): G7V (188 hours)

Position in System: 5th

Time to Jump Point: 6.52 days

Number of Satellites: 1 (Thorin's Twin)

Surface Gravity: 1.0

Atmosphere Pressure: Standard (Breathable) Equatorial Temperature: 40° C (Warm-Temperate) Surface Water Coverage: 70 percent Highest Native Life: Birds Recharging Station: Zenith HPG Class Type: A Population: 2,159,975,000 Soclo-lndustrlai Levels: A-A-B-B-B

Close to Terra, Thorin was one of the first worlds settled (along with its sister system, Muphrid), From the outset, Thorin was seen as a jewel of a world. It had great resources of metals, minerals, abundant timber and aquatic life, ensuring it an impressive destiny in the Terran Corridor. Thorin's two continents of Olympus and Freda are roughly the size of the North and South

American continents on Terra. Olympus, the northern continent, is the industrial center. Freda, In the southern hemisphere, is focused on agriculture and timber industries. The capital of Ecol City is located on Olympus.

Thorin was the shining jewel of education for the Star League. Just outside of Ecol City was the largest library ever built, with more then 100 granite buildings clustered around a beautiful domed central library. People boasted that Thorin's library contained a copy of every book ever published.

West of the Ecol City was one of Star League's elite universities. Unfortunately, the Second Amaris Dragoons destroyed the library during the Amaris coup during its occupation of Thorin, as well as the prestigious University of Thorin. Only Fortress Laiacona remains as a reminder of this world's once proud Star League heritage.

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