The battle for Tikonov was not going well for the Allied forces under Marshal Stephan Cooper. Though they had taken charge of the city of New Moscow, the people of the world were becoming more and more incensed with their presence. Fortunately for Cooper, Tlkonov's people were almost as distrustful of the Loyalist Fifteenth Deneb Light Cavalry.

Marshal Cooper had been promised support by Field Marshal Ardan Sortek, and so had gone onto the defensive in the last weeks of Wave Three, losing New Moscow in the process. Cooper was dumbfounded by his reinforcements when they landed on 11 November: Victor Steiner-Davion and a task force made up if the 244th Com Guards Division, the Outland Legion, the Twenty-third Arcturan Guards, the Sixth Crucis Lancers and the Valexa CMM. Though all of those units were seriously under-strength after two years of constant fighting within the Lyran Alliance, the mere appearance of five additional brigades in the system was enough to Cow the nominally Loyalist forces on Tikonov,

Within a month, though, word came that a Loyalist task force consisting of the First Alarion Jaegers, the Eleventh Arcturan Guards, the Alarion APM and the Carlisle APM were in pursuit of the deposed Prince and his troops, The Allies fought hard for what they could get, but the Loyalist forces on Tikonov pulled back to secure the world's key cities, especially those that were home to significant, industries, especially Earthwerks in Tikograd. The arrival of the Loyalist reinforcements on the 8th of January 3065 did not change that.

The Allies controlled the bulk of the world, however. Once he learned of the Combine assault on Addicks, Victor released the Assault Guards, though not before they dealt the Republican Guards a blow that cost them the surrender of the Tikonov Martial Academy Cadre. The Assault Guards left the world on 27 January, bound for Addicks.

Matters turned toward the worse for the Allies, however. Victor Steiner-Davion had been shaken for weeks by news of a personal loss, and that was affecting his performance. The Loyalist forces on Tikonov had been delivering his forces defeat after defeat in the field. Worse for the Allies, Eleventh Arcturan commander Leutnant-General Maria Esteban had left the system on board the WarShip MS Robert Marsden to gather additional forces to finish off the Allies on Tikonov.

Rather than lose the wodd or turn it into a mass graveyard for hundreds of thousands of soldiers, Victor made the decision to leave the wodd, taking with him the bulk of his forces and leading the Loyalist "reinforcements" who were only out to destroy him on an interstellar chase. Just as the former Prince was about to leave the world on the 21st or February, the LAS Katrina Steiner moved in to make a number of attacks against the plan et's surface. It was met In space by the FCS Melissa Davion and driven away, leaving the door open for the former Prince to withdraw from the world.

The Twenty third Arcturan, 244th Division and the Outland Legion left with Victor Steiner-Davion, followed closely by the Alarion Jaegers, Alarion APM and the Carlisle APM, leaving behind the world's original combatants plus the Allied Sixth Crucis Lancers and the Loyalist Eleventh Arcturan Guards. In the vacuum left by the pull-out, a move that only drove the Free Tikonov movement to hate anyone associated with the Federated Commonwealth even more, the two sides clashed for two straight months, struggling bitterly to take or retake as large a slice of the world as they could. By the end of April, the lines on the world had stabilized, with the Loyalists (specifically the Republican Guard) still controlling Tikograd as well as the majority of the continent of Kazan. The two sides returned to a lower-intensity fight, one that nevertheless saw an erosion of the Loyalist control over Kazan, due mostly to the disregard the Tikonov people had for the Fifteenth DLC and even the Alarion Jaegers.

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