With the retreat of Victor Steiner-Davion and three of his "personal" regiments, the battle forTikonov had become a low-level affair, with the Allied troops battling the troops that were arrayed there as much as they were fighting the world's people.

The Allied side held the edge over the Loyalists in pure numbers, but were unable to make any significant gains because of the guerrilla actions of the world's population, at least until the Valexa CMM landed a demi-brigade almost literally on top of the Third Republican in New Moscow, crushing the native Tikonov unit before reinforcements could save the 'Mech unit and drive the Allies from the city.

With New Moscow back in their hands, the Allies set out to again crush the remaining Loyalist forces on the world—the First Republican and the Fifteenth DLC. With the Loyalist hold on Kazan slipping, the massive Allied task force once more spearheaded an attack on Tikograd. The surviving Republican Guardsmen, reinforced by Tikograd citizens, defended the city vigorously, preventing even the massed Allied troops from gaining more than a foothold on the city—no more than they had taken at the outset of the Tikonov campaign two years earlier.

The Fifteenth DLC, still denied access to Tikograd, simply assaulted and took Fort Pavel Ridzik from the handful of militia defenders, giving them a good defensible position from which they could fend off the Allied assaults against them, too.

Unlike most planetary campaigns, the battle for Tikonov bogged down in this way. The bulk of the Sixth Crucis Lancers and the Valexa CMM concentrated their energies on Tikograd while the First NAIS Cadre and the rest of the Sixth Lancers surrounded Fort Ridzik and simply began to pound the fort into oblivion.

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