Little had changed on the world of Tlkonov by late May, other than the Free Tikonov Movement's rapid growth and militarization. Supported by Hauptmann General John Joseph Atherton's Republican Guards, these citizen soldiers took up arms to fight off the "Davion Aggressors." While for the most part untrained and prone to suicidal attacks, these assaults did have the benefit of keeping the Allied attackers off-balance, especially when wave after wave of these patriots would storm the Allied positions within Tikograd.

Help was on the way, though. In the final week of May, a large Allied task force entered the Tikonov system—lead by Victor Steiner-Davion. He landed with his Tenth Lyran Guards and the 244th Division, immediately assaulting Tikograd. His first forays there were met by spoiling attacks on the part of General Atherton, but the Allied force, with the elite Tenth Lyran leading the way, literally crushed all opposition and delved directly into Tikograd. The Republican Guards and the Free Tikonov soldiers fought hard, inflicting many casualties against the former Prince's conventional forces, but they could not hope to halt the Allies' furious advance.

On 24 May the Tenth Lyran enveloped the Third Republican within the Earthwerks annex, forcing the latter's surrender on the 27th after the Lyran Guards' and the Com Guards' armored infantry entered the factory complex and killed not only Leftenant General Karl Lopiz but his entire command staff.

The battle for Tikonov was not over yet, though. Victor's troops continued to advance into the city, doing their best to mitigate damage to Tikograd. Nearly a month of heavy fighting through the walled city leveled a fifth of the city and all but bore little resemblance to the actual tacts.

Now that the Civil War is over, the citizens of the Inner Sphere are beginning to learn what really happened during the war. Still, the impact of this dis-information campaign—one in which more incorrect information was spread than pure lies were—will be felt for destroyed the Valexa CMM detachment, but ended with General Atherton's withdrawal not only from Tikograd but from Tikonov itself.

Marshal Michael Lipstein watched the battle for Tikograd unfold with great interest. After his run-ins with the world's defenders and the poor attitudes shown his troops by its populace, Lipstein didn't care if the world fell or was even consumed in nuclear fireballs. The only reason he still remained on the world was because he had been ordered to secure Tikonov for the Archon.

With General Atherton's retreat, however, Marshal Lipstein had no chance to decades. Billions of people will continue to hold out against the five 'Mech units arrayed against him and his Fifteenth DLC. argue the "facts" of the war never knowing that As soon as Atherton informed him of his intentions to pull out, the Marshal ordered they were told the wrong information even as his own general retreat from the world. The two Loyalist units boosted off on the the events were unfolding. 23rd of July, bound for Marlette, though only later would Victor and his staff learn of their destination.

That left Victor and his Allied forces in command of the world. Of note was the sudden pacification of the Free Tikonov Movement, which had gone from waging a massive grassroots campaign against the Allies to nearly total peaceful coexistence. The reasons for that would only become more clear in the months to come.

Following his victory on the world, three more Allied commands entered the Tikonov system—the Twenty-Third Arcturan Guards, the Outland Legion and the renegade St. Ives Blackwind Lancers, plus Victor's old friend, Kai Allard-Liao—where their commanders met with the deposed Prince for one last major strategy discussion. Utilizing a sports complex in the Tikograd suburb of Rockland— Victor's security detail felt that Free Tikonov still posed too much of a threat to the former Prince within Tikograd itself—the assem bled military leaders planned the final strokes of the Civil War.

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