Noble Ruler: Lord Paul Ryan Bowman Star Type (Recharge Time): G8V (189 hours) Position in System: 3rd Time to Jump Point: 6.19 days

Number of Satellites: 3 (Andropov, Andruyev, and Ashkilov) Surface Gravity: 1.1

Atmosphere Pre99ure: Standard (Breathable) Surface Water Coverage: 60 percent Equatorial Temperature: 29° C (Arid) Highest Native Life: Mammals Recharging Station: Zenith, Nadir HPG Class Type: A Population Size: 6,378,650,000 Soclo-lndustrial Levels: A-A-A-A-B

Founded in the 2'100s, Tlkonov is one of the oldest colonized worlds in the Inner Sphere. Originally colonized by Eurasian and Western Asian immigrants, Tikonov is a large arid world that has four major landmasses: Ufa in the northeast, Krasnodar in the southeast, Pskov in the southwest, and Kazan in the northwest, where the capital Of TikOgrad is located. From the day Tikonov was settled, it became a leader irl regional politics. The sapltal of the Grand Tikonov Union, Tikonov eventually became a member of the fledgling Capellán Confederation, the Star League and then a part of the Federated Suns, Though technically an independent world, Tikonov is currently garrisoned by CCAF troops and ¡s classified a Capellan holding.

Tikonov has been a bastion of technological achievement and industrial might for several hundred years, The planet supports three major defense contractors: Earthwer'kS, Ceres Metals and Harcourt Productions. Tlkograd is located in the northeast of the Ural Mountains, the capital and home Of EarthwerkS'S largest plant. Ceres Metals Is located on Asano

Bay, just outside the city of New Moscow on the northwest coast of Ufa. Tukwila Valley is a major agricultural center for Tikonov, and is locatcd on the continent of Ufa due south of New Moscow. Harcourt Productions is located in the city of Tukwila. The Herosoma Mountains runs diagonally across the continent providing all the ore needs for production.

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