Unit Generation

Creating units for use in BattleForce is, despite the range of options, a straightforward process. It easily divides into stages that a gamemaster can draw upon to ea$e unit creation. The following steps mimic those found on pages 5562 of BF2, albeit with additional detail for those looking to recreate the Civil War. There are tour stages to this process:

1) Determine size and structure of force (

2) Determine number of elements

3) Assign Command elements

4) Assign combat and support elements

Players should also decide whether to use the random method for determining unit composition, or whether to use points. The latter allows precise balancing of forces, while the former reflects the vagaries of war—combat rarely involves exactly equal sides.

Size and structure

The first step Is determining the size and structure of the forces on each side. Company or battalion-sized forces are best for BattleForce games, involving 12-40 elements. Larger forces offer more diversity but are also harder to manage and battles involving them will take longer to play.

The following table provides a guide to force sizes, including the number of elements In the force, the size of any dedicated command elements, and approximate point values for the entire unit. The point value is an approximate guide and may be anywhere from 50% to 150% of the indicated value.

Generating Specific forces

Once the overall size and structure of a force is known, the player can determine the specific elements. This can be via ran dom method, or using points. When using the random method, roll 2D6 for each battalion. Cluster or Level III unit to determine the nature of the constituent lances, Stars and Level II units, comparing the results to the Unit Composition Table; few units are comprised solely of one type of unit. Alternatively, the player may roll 2D6 independently for each sub-unit (lance or Star) or Element, comparing the result to the Unit Type Table, though element-specific rolling will be time-consuming for large forces. A roll is not required for the command units added to large forces; such units are automatically 'Mech forces unless the controlling player decides otherwise, in which case he may choose the unit type.

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