War Within The Federated Suns

From the start, the fight within the Federated Suns was bloody. Of course, that could only be expected as the Federated Suns was so divided because of the Archon's rule. Since her come to power, the nation had become a hotbed for anti-Katherine sentiments and was consequently hit the worst by her heavy-handed measures.

That the Capellan March flashed first should not have come as a shock. While Duke Hasek was a powerful figure even then, he had just too many factors to contend with in keeping the March under control. The Capellan war against the St. Ives Compact had been waging for almost two years, naturally bringing the blood of the many traditional FedSuns units under his command—and nearly his entire population—to a boil. Not only were they angered at the audacity and underhanded nature of Sun-Tzu Liao and his Confederation, but they were particularly incensed at the Archon's refusal to lend any aid to the beleaguered Compact.

As tensions flared, Duke Hasek tried to reposition units vocally claiming allegiance to the Archon onto less-critical worlds and away from possible incidents with more pro-Davion units, but it was too little, too late. When the fight on Kathil broke out, word of the action traveled the length of the March within days. Even had ComStar placed a complete communications blackout on tpe March, it would have done no good -the information also made its way out on the AFFS' secondary FAX network.

What Is surprising is how few worlds were actually consumed by the war in the first few months. But almost without exception the fighting was contained to the Capellan March.

The reason for that, of course, was Duke James Sandoval's preoccupation with the Draconis Combine. He had very effectively focused his peoples' energies on that ancient enemy and, in response to the assaults upon Robinson, Markab and Doneval II, ordered a number of key units under his command into the Draconis Combine. Amazingly, Sandoval caught the DCMS in the midst of a crisis on the Clan front and his forces made tremendous gains against the wholly unprepared Combine in a very short time.

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