War Within The Lyran Alliance

In stark contrast to the fights that blossomed within the Federated Suns, the action that took place during the Flashpoint of the Civil War within the Lyran Alliance was less about emotion than it was about blind adherence to orders, or at the very least about officers doing what they felt would most curry the favor of their Archon.

With so many old Lyran and FedSuns units spread between the two realms, and after so many years of military alliance, tensions were just as high within the Lyran Alliance as they were within the Federated Suns. Yet to the naked eye, the Lyran Alliance seemed at peace right up until the assassination of Arthur Steiner-Davion and Victor's subsequent call to arms. Even after war broke out, to many it was almost business as usual within the Lyran Alliance, at least to the common citizen. The difference? While the Federated Suns was ruled by a dictatorial usurper, the Alliance was ruled by the virtual reincarnation of Katrina Steiner. That is, at least, how the common citizen had come to see it in late 3062.

That Is not to say that all was well within the Lyran Alliance up until war broke out. Nothing could be further from the truth. Though suppressed by the Lyran government and military, major riots nonetheless erupted on dozens of worlds on a daily basis in the final months of 3062. But while these rioters were calling for the removal of Archon Katherine from the throne, they were, for the most part, not calling her a despot. Instead, the Lyran people were up in arms that she had apparently ignored their nation for too long, concentrating all of her energies on building an empire within the Davion nation.

Even within the LAAF, the split was not all about Katherine vs. Victor; while there were steadfast supporters of both, there were far more who were more concerned about who the legal ruler was. With General Nondi Steiner—sister of the original Archon Katrina Steiner—commanding the LAAF, the senior Lyran military leadership was filled with a great many officers who either owed direct loyalty to the Archon or who were steadfast in their belief that she was the rightful and legal ruler of the Alliance. Those "Davionists" who survived the purges were either assigned "watchers" or were given backwater assignments with little or no hope for support. Tfris was doubly true for the "Davionist" combat units, almost all of winch had been stripped of their transport capabilities to prevent just such a civil war from breaking out.

When fighting did actually break out within the Alliance, it was more due to orders from Tharkad than because of emo-

i tions between two commanders flaring, as was the case on world after world within the Federated Commonwealth. Of course, as the Civil War continued, the reasons became more muddled, especially after Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner incited the renewed Skye Revolution and Khan Marthe Pryde brought her Jade Falcons Into the Alliance; though those two Individuals would not affect the course of the fighting for some time yet.

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