Wave Five Postscript

While no one realized it at the time, the beginning of Wave Five was truly the beginning of the end to the Civil War. By the end ot the Wave, though, it was rapidly becoming obvious to anyone who had access to battle reports or, troop movements that the war was running its course. By simply looking at the rate and size of the troop movements, one could tell that the AFFS and the LAAF had Just about exhausted themselves. After having battled each other, plus two major external powers, for three years, the Allies and the Loyalists were running low on supplies and manpower. Worse, as units moved around during the course of the war, the majority of the JumpShip fleets tended to cluster within regions where significant action was happening, depriving the rest of the two nations of much-needed transportation capability. There were hundreds of worlds In each half of the former Federated Commonwealth that depended on Imports for their very survival—worlds that were no longer getting the shipments that they needed.

To the strategists, the war was about to enter its most des perate phase. The Archon's allies had been losing ground militarily for quite some time, but now they were also losing face. The people of even the Lyran Alliance were losing their trust in Archon Katherlne and calling for her resignation, or worse. Of course, many of those people calling for the Archon's removal did not want to see Victor Steiner-Davion in her place again. Indeed, there were a significant number who didn't want to see any of the surviving Steiner-Davion children in power.

The war may have been winding down, but it was still far from over. The simplest of the battles were behind the combatants. The next year and a half would test both the mettle and the convictions of everyone involved.

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