Wave fivefc

their drive and struck back at the Loyalists, pushing them back from several of their primary and secondary objectives.

In an attempt to gain back the initiative, Hauptmann General Justin Leabo authorized his Eleventh Avalon Hussars' battle armor unit to make an assault on the duke's military command center. That operation was a complete failure, however, and lead directly to a joint strike on the Eleventh Hussars' command post, scheduled for 21 January 3066, mere days after the Loyalist attack. While the Eighth Syrtis Fusiliers made an attack from beneath the sea, the Vanguard Legion made an orbital drop on top of the command post.

The fight saw the destruction of the Eleventh Hussars' command post, the death of Hauptmann General Leabo and generally the unraveling of the Hussars. As the wave ended, Duke Hasek was making rapid strides at retaking his homeworld.

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