Wave Two Postscript

Wave Two truly proved to everyone in the know that the Civil War would not be a simple or quick prospect to fight. While Archon Katherine was still winning the war of public opinion, her Loyalist forces were beginning to stretch thin. Within the Federated Suns, she had to contend with a massive pro-Victor movement inside the AFFS while In the Lyran Alliance, she faced Victor himself. With control over the flow of information, she at the very least had one major weapon at her disposal that Victor didn't—though the deposed Prince did have the enormous and virtually untapped resources of ComStar that he could potentially call upon. But to do so Victor would have to give up much In the end. More than that, he would be forced to turn the Civil War into something more than just an "internal affair." While the defection of the 244th Division and the existence of the Outland Legion were aberrations, to bring any more outside assistance Into the war would simply open the floodgates for the other three Successor States to Invade.

Wave two, simply put, opened everyone's eyes to the scope of the conflict.

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