After the bloody fight on Mayetta that had seen the destruction of nearly half of the Mayetta DMM at the hands of two of the unit's fellow March Militia RCTs, Baron Tancred Sandoval lead his hodge-podge unit made up of the remains of the Mayetta DMM and a combat command of the Third Crucis Lancers to Woodbine. The Third Lyran Regulars had already taken up position on the world, ordered there by the Archon herself in an attempt to cut Baron Sandoval and his growing Draconis March Loyalist movement.

By the time Baron Sandoval and his combined Third Crucis Lancer-Mayetta DMM task force (hereafter simply called the Mayetta DMM) reached Woodbine on the 4th of September, Leftenant General Jessica Carson had already taken the majority of the Rein family—the ruling Ducal family on Woodbine— into protective custody at their estate in the foothills of the Golda Mons along the Darrant River, a location about as far away from civilization as possible on the world.

Baron Sandoval landed nearby and immediately moved to free the imprisoned royals, hoping to use them to gain popular support on the world. Crossing the Darrant River proved more costly to the Baron that he had anticipated, but the relatively small Third Regulars contingent holding the estate folded as soon as the DMM crossed over.

From there, the Baron turned to the southeast, where the capital city of Gastogne lay some 900 kilometers away. The Baron made a few leapfrog maneuvers using his DropShip contingent, but he only dared to do so up to Howe and Wakeman, well within the Third Regulars' zone of control around Gastogne. From there, he waged a relatively straight-forward campaign against the Lyran 'Mech regiment. The Third Guards were reinforced by two armored regiments that Marshal of the Armies Davion had also routed to Woodbine, in addition to a few of the world's militia battalions that had rallied behind the Loyalist cause.

Marshal Mordecal Rand-Davion did send Baron Sandoval some additional help, in the form of a combined-arms brigade, on the 30th of September. With the addition of the First Crucis

Lancers reinforcements, Sandoval made record time through the Third Regulars and continued on toward Gastogne. Unfortunately, two facts conspired to hamper Sandoval's operations. First, General Carson was freely raiding consumables and equipment from the logistics centers on the world, and rained an almost continuous barrage of artillery down upon the baron's DMM. Second, the baron experienced command problems of his own as Duke Ferdinand Rein began to waver in his support of Sandoval after the baron's father, Duke James Sandoval, indicated he would soon be paying a visit to the world. With the elder Sandoval very publicly humiliated at his son's commitment to Victor Steiner-Davion's cause rather than to the Draconis March, Rein did not want to feel his Duke's wrath for his own support of Tancred's fight.

Baron Sandoval nevertheless kept his command together and continued on. He pushed a reinforced battalion of light armor into the Third Regulars' rear, severely punishing Carson's artillery before falling to the massed fire of the Regulars, which quickly turned into a counterattack that pushed the Allied force back into the Molson's Wash, a swampy region bounded on one side by mountains and on the other by the raging Bruford River, General Carson continued her attack, pushing all but a few battalions of armor into the breakout that crushed a DMM combat command against the Rabin Mountains and pushed another into the river. She also hit the First Crucis Lancers hard, but unlike liniOUE mEflSURES

I've been in the military for over a quarter century, and I've got to say that this last year has been both the worst and the most interesting that I have ever lived through. As if 3061 wasn't interesting enough. I saw dozens of officers I knew and respected leave the AFFC because she took the throne on New Avalon, and many more get persecuted because they had the gall to expect something more than bullshit and backstabbing from the Archon-Princess.

I should have done something sooner. I knew, I just knew, thai there was something rotten on New Avalon. Damn. Shoulda known something was wrong when Gallagher got promoted. But Jackson Davion? He's always been a straight shooter. Gotta wonder what she's holding over his head.

Well, whatever. I got into this war a bit late, but damn if 'Z-Force' isn't going to do some damage to little Katie. You know, as much as it hurts, we're all soldiers, so we can at least accept Damien's death. He put the uniform on like the rest of us. But Becca? And Gil and William? No. Those are her fault, and she's going to pay.

I've still got plenty of contacts, so I know what you're doing. I just don't want you to think that your brother is sitting on the sidelines. Never thought that all those years hunting pirates would make it so easy to work with them. But Sortek wanted it, and they're paying cold cash, something that Prince Victor really needs right now. So I do it.

And as much as I hate to admit it. it is kinria fun sticking it to [Warren PDZ commander Hauptmann General Coaler] Merrick. He never even knew it was me until I up and left with my entire staff and half of his. Plus those four Mules full of supplies.

- Leftenant General Joey Zibler, 13 January 3063, in a letter to his brothers, Jasper and Dixon batants. Unfortunately, it would only get worse the exhausted DMM, they did not break, instead holding fast in Kaye. From there, Leftenant General Wolfgang Mattson, commanding the Lancers brigade, held out for three days before launching a counterattack.

Split in half by the Lancers attack, the Third Lyran Regulars quickly lost cohesion and retreated back to Gastogne, with the Lancers in hot pursuit. On the 23rd of November, Marshal Mordecai Rand-Davion landed on Woodbine with another light Lancers brigade, dropping to directly support Mattson's regiments. As the Lancers marched on the capital, General Carson made the surprise decision to pull out, moving her headquarters eighty kilometers away to Rhinehold. Baron Sandoval moved his DMM up and, in coordination with Marshal Rand-Davion, rolled into.the city. By the 30th, the battle for Woodbine was over; though the Lancers had taken some heavy casualties in General Mattson's desire to end the battle early, the Third Lyran Regulars could not hope to hold out against the combined assault. Most of the Regulars surrendered following the destruction of Carson's Gunsllnger, though a battalion of militia continued to hold out for two more days until Rand Davion's battle armor could uproot them.

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