Yed Posterior

Having been battered on Ft. Loudon, the Fourth Davion Guards withdrew toward the Federated Suns, routing first to Rasalgethi and then to Leganes before landing on Ved Posterior in late 3063. Having heard reports of the considerable damage the Davion unit had taken in combat with the Fifth Alliance Guards, the Fifth Lyran Regulars, based on Freedom, decided to end the threat posed by the withdrawing unit. The Fifth had fought Davion units twice before—the Assault Guards in the Sarna March and the Seventh FedCom RCT on Nasuar during the crisis in the St. Ives Compact—and had little compunction about attacking a once-allied force. Commandeering transport, they made the brief trip to nearby Yed Posterior.

Full of confidence, they dreamed of the glory they would receive for their victory over the shattered Allied unit, making up for that which they lost on Nashuar. Unfortunately, the intelligence available to Colonel Jeanine Castro was neither timely nor accurate. The Fourth's losses had been greatly over-stated, and the unit maintained an armed neutrality in the Civil War. Had the Fifth Regulars let the Guards be they would simply have transited Skye Province en-route to their homes in the Federated Suns. Instead, the Regulars stirred up a hornet's nest.

Colonel Castro got an Inkling that something was wrong when her forces arrived at Yed Posterio. The size of the Davion Guard JumpShip fleet was far in excess of that needed to transport the ragtag bunch of survivors she had been informed of. Unfortunately for her command, she dismissed this as a Allied attempt to concentrate their vessels for defensive pur poses. Doubt only began to creep into Castro's mind when the

Guards unit allowed them to ground unmolested while calling on the new arrivals to respect their position and the security cordon around their compound. The Regulars misunderstood this message, interpreting the security cordon as an exclusion zone intended to protect the crippled RCT. A pair of Castro's fighters attempted to penetrate the cordon on a reconnaissance mission but Guard fighters intercepted them and then shot them down when they refused to turn away. The Guard repeated their call to the Regulars to respect the cordon but Castro had already decided to launch an all-out offensive to finish the Fourth Guards.

The operation, called by Castro "Smother", started on New Year's Day 3064, with the regiment's two reinforced battalions, supported by a full aerospace wing, driving directly for what they presumed was the Guard HQ. In fact, the facility was only the HQ of the second battalion—the RCT still retained two fully operational 'Mech battalions, three armor regiments and three infantry regiments. The Fifth was unwittingly walking into a killing ground from which they would be very lucky to escape.

The presence of armor supporting the Guards' right flank was not initially a concern for the Regulars, but when they realized the number of tanks—more than a regiment's worth—they began to realize that something was terribly wrong and slowed the tempo of their attacks. When a second 'Mech battalion appeared on their flank, supported by yet more armor and bat-tie-suited infantry, Colonel Castro realized that—once again-her unit had suffered a major intelligence failure and called for an orderly retreat.

The Davion Guards were, however, no longer feeling generous after the Regulars had violated their neutrality and pressed the assault. Their Doppelganger Company of Clan OmniMechs drived deep into the Regular's position. Scarcely a battalion of troops made it back to the DropShips, and the Guards' two combat-hardened aerospace wings brought down almost the entire Fourteenth Freedom Reserve Fighter Wing. Marshal Alberta Orsina did not order her troops to pursue, but did send a message to Prince Victor, pledging her troops to his cause.

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