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Kronl ol PoUTsburg ihc Advsmw ofl'S f'u jmf set The Confederate attack on Fort Stedman, March 25, 1865 Fort Stedman was a seven-sided redoubt with accommodation for 10 guns behind an earthen parapet. However, only four light 12-pounder guns were in place at the time, manned by the 19th New York Battery. The fort was garrisoned by 300 men of the 29th Massachusetts Infantry. A large bomb-proof was constructed in the parade of the fort, which was protected by a reinforced earthen parapet.The...

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Richmond Fortifications

Following his acceptance as Major General of Virginia Forces on April 23, 1861, Robert E. Eee appointed Colonel Andrew Talcott, Engineer of Virginia Forces, to the job of setting up a system of defensive fortifications around the Confederate capital. On May 9, a Committee on Defense was selected amongst the City Council to assist in providing a work force and materials. Councillor Richard Reins had been appointed as Superintendent of City Defenses by the beginning of July. Problems arose in...