30 January: Monitor launched 17 February: CSS Virginia commissioned 25 February: USS Monitor commissioned 6 March: Monitor begins journey to Hampton Roads

8 March: Battle of Hampton Roads (First Day)

10.OOhrs: The French sloop Gassendi prepares to move, raising the suspicions of General Wool

10.30: Flag Officer Buchanan orders the CSS Virginia be prepared for sea 11.00: The Virginia begins her journey down the Elizabeth River 11.15: Union signal station on Newport News Point sights smoke on the Elizabeth River 11.30: General Mansfield alerts General Wool to the possibility that the Virginia may be approaching

12.00: The Virginia approaches the mouth of the Elizabeth River 12.45: Union fleet sees the Virginia and her consorts off Sewell's Point 12.55: The tug Zouave is sent to investigate the Confederate naval activity 13.20: The tug Zouave opens fire on the Virginia

13.30: The Minnesota, St. Lawrence and Roanoke get under way, heading for Newport News Point

14.00: The tug Beaufort fires on the USS Congress

14.10: The Confederate batteries on Sewell's Point exchange fire with the Union flotilla

14.20: The Virginia and the Congress exchange fire

14.30: The Virginia closes to within 30 yards of the Congress

14.50: Leaving the battered Congress, the Virginia steers toward the Cumberland

15.05: The Virginia rams the Cumberland

15.10: The USS Minnesota and the St. Lawrence run aground

15.15: The Virginia withdraws, then rams the Cumberland a second time

15.20: The Cumberland sinks, and the Virginia commences her 180-degree turn

15.30: The James River Squadron begins its run past the Newport News batteries

15.45: The CSS Patrick Henry is hit by fire from shore batteries

16.10: The Virginia returns, and rakes the Congress

17.00: The Congress surrenders

17.10: Confederate vessels approaching the Congress come under fire from sharpshooters 17.35: Flag Officer Buchanan wounded 17.45: Heated shot fired at the Congress 18.00: Jones steams toward the Minnesota

18.30: The attack is abandoned, and the Virginia heads back toward Sewell's Point 19.45: The Virginia and her escorts anchor under the guns of Sewell's Point

9 March: Battle of Hampton Roads (Second Day)

00.30: The Congress explodes

05.00: Flag Officer Buchanan and other wounded sent ashore

Few accurate depictions of the conflict exist, and although this late 19th-century rendition placed the Minnesota too close to the action and placed an incorrect ensign on the spar deck of the Virginia, it is an otherwise reasonably accurate depiction. (Mariners)

06.00: The Virginia slips her moorings then waits off Seweil's Point for the fog to clear. The

Minnesota prepares for action 08.00: The Virginia and her consorts steam into Hampton Roads 08.10: The Monitor heads south to intercept 08.25: The Minnesota and the Virginia exchange shots

08.35: The Monitor and the Virginia commence their duel, which continues for the next two hours

10.55: Lieutenant Worden in the Monitor attempts to ram the Virginia 11.05: The Monitor retires to shallow water to replenish her ammunition supplies 11.10: The Virginia steers toward the Minnesota

11.30: The Monitor returns to the battle, and attempts to ram the Virginia again 11.35: The Virginia runs aground, and the Monitor lies alongside the Virginia and fires at her 11.40: Jones signals his consorts to come to his aid, but the Virginia pulls herself off the shoal, and her consorts return to Seweil's Point 12.05: The Virginia attempts to ram and board the Monitor 12.10: Shot from Virginia hits the Monitor's pilot house, wounding Worden 12.15: Lieutenant Greene takes over command of the Monitor. He withdraws from the fight 12.30: The Virginia steams toward the Minnesota for a final attack 12.40: Attempt abandoned due to falling water levels

13.05: Jones holds a council of war then elects to return to his moorings off Seweil's Point, ending the engagement 13.30: The Virginia moors off Seweil's Point, while the Monitor anchors off Fort Monroe

21 March: Flag Officer Tattnal appointed to command Virginia 9 May: Fall of Norfolk 11 May: Destruction of the Virginia 15 May: Engagement at Drewry's Bluff

31 December: Monitor sinks during a gale off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

Mine Creek Battlefield

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