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H Union soldiers nicknamed Confederates "butternuts" because the dye used to make the Southern uniforms, which was derived from actual butternuts, was often uneven and turned a tangray color over time.

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Graybacks—Southern soldiers fresh fish—new recruits

H The wool blend material known as "shoddy" that was used to make the Union uniforms was of such poor quality and fell apart so quickly that the word "shoddy"quickly came to mean "of poor quality"or "poorly made."


Zouave comes from an Algerian word, and the original Zouave units were native

Algerian and North African fighters who joined the French Foreign Legion. They were known for their fierce fighting style, flashy uniforms, and incredible bravery.

Interest in the Zouave fighters was sparked in the United States primarily because of a man named Elmer Ephraim Ellsworth. He learned about Zouave fighters while in Europe, and decided to start his own militia unit devoted to Zouave-

style drilling. His Zouave unit toured the country, amazing audiences with their drilling skill and fancy uniforms and sparking a "Zouave fever" in the 1850s. When the war broke out, Zouave units fought ftp! y - ~~

in both Confederate and Union armies, V '

although some soldiers changed to tra- " * (j^vi ' '

ditional uniforms when they realized ^ 4? ^ .

that their colorful clothes made them a

Band of the One hundred and fourteenth Pennsylvania Infantry (Zouaves), Brandy Station, Virginia.

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