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H Coffee was both the scarcest and most valued drink during the Civil War, and many people came up with interesting coffee substitutes, including okra seed, rice, wheat, peanuts, beans, sweet potatoes, peas, and acorns. These would be dried and then soaked in hot water, creating a coffee-like drink.

H Since cane sugar and molasses were produced primarily in the South, prior to and during the war Northerners substituted maple sugar as an act of protest against the South.

H At the beginning of the Civil War, it is said that Northerners enjoyed tea, bread, scrambled eggs,friedfish, wild pigeon, and oysters for breakfast, while Southerners preferred fried chicken, bread with caviar, and mutton with onions for breakfast. As the war depleted resources, however, both groups were reduced to tea or coffee and bread for their morning meal—if that was even available.

H During Sherman's march to the sea from August to November 1864, his troops burned and destroyed huundreds of barns full of grain, corn, and other crops that had just been harvested. Troops also killed barns full of livestock, leaving them dead in their pens. These Northern troops were called bummers because of this devastation, and the South's recovery was very slow and difficult as a result of the destruction of basic food supplies.

fun and sweets

Although time and supplies for parties were limited during the Civil War, people still had as much fun as they could. Occasionally people would host "biscuit parties" where people would bring flour that they could donate to making bread or biscuits for a large group. In the South, as food shortages became severe, people would throw "starvation parties," where the only refreshment was water. Along with these types of parties, dances and dinners were put on for soldiers who came home from war for Christmas or other holidays. This, in a way, softened the war, and renewed the soldiers' energy and raised their spirits, giving them the strength to carry on through the tough times. One favorite party activity was a taffy pull. People would make a batch of taffy, butter their hands and choose partners, and pull the taffy until it was light and lost its elasticity. Taffy pulls became major social events for unmarried men and women, although during the war most taffy pulls became women-only since so many men were serving in the military.

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