what you'll need

H milk carton—half gallon H scissors H stapler H duct tape H milk carton—quart

H 2 toilet paper tubes H 2 popsicle or craft sticks H cork

H 1 rubber band H exacto knife what to do

1. Cut the half gallon milk container in half lengthwise. Staple the spout together and tape over it—if it isn't watertight your boat will sink. This will serve as the hull of your boat. Keep the rest of the carton to use for other pieces later.

2. You can use any color duct tape to cover up the graphics on the carton.

3. Take the quart milk carton and cut off the sides of the spout. Tape over the remaining side so you create a rectangular box. This will be your pilot house. If you want to decorate it to look like an old-fashioned paddlewheeler like Red Rover, cover the pilot house in white paper and draw or cut out windows. Tape this to the floor of the hull.

H 2 toilet paper tubes H 2 popsicle or craft sticks H cork

H 1 rubber band H exacto knife

4. Decorate the toilet paper tubes to look like smoke stacks (white on the bottom with a black rim around the top). Tape the toilet paper tubes on each end of the pilot house.

5. To make the paddle, tape one popsicle stick to each side of the hull of your ship, making sure that more than half of the stick is protruding beyond the back end of the boat. You may want to put tape on both the outside of the boat and inside the hull to reinforce where the popsicle sticks attach to the sides of the boat.

6. Take the cork and make four slits the length of the cork, equal distances apart. This will hold your paddle blades and the rubber band.

7. Cut two paddle blades from a piece of leftover milk carton—the stiffer the blades are, the better, so try to cut them from the bottom of the carton. The blades will need to be the same length as the cork, and wide enough to catch water—but make sure they aren't so wide that they will hit the back of your boat when you attach the paddlewheel to the sticks.

8. Slide the blades into two opposite slits on the cork. Slide the rubber band firmly into the other slits as shown and then stretch the rubber band around the outside of the popsicle sticks. You may need to duct tape the rubber band into the cork to keep it in place.

9. From the remaining half of the milk car ton, cut out two half-circles that are the same length as the popsicle sticks. Dec orate the plain side of these with the name of your ship. Tape these over the popsicle sticks with the flat side facing the water. Make sure you can still wind the cork paddlewheel and that the paddlewheel moves freely.

10. Place your ship in the water, wind up the pad-dlewheel, and let her go.*

You may find that the boat is easier to maneuver with a little weight, or ballast, in the bottom.

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