make your own california 100 flag

what you'll need

H old pillowcase or other material in any light color H fabric paint or markers in red, yellow, and brown H paintbrush

H scissors

H pencil/pen

H adhesive/fabric glue

H wooden dowel

what to do

1. Cut out one side of the pillowcase.

2. On the right side of the pillowcase, cut a sideways triangle so that you have a shape like the diagram below.

3. From the point of the triangle, draw a line straight across the flag. Paint the top half of the flag red and the bottom half yellow. In the center of the bottom half, leave a small unpainted oval for the bear.

4. Sketch an outline for the bear in the oval. Use markers, paint, or fabric to create the bear. As you can see from the diagram, it is a fairly simple drawing.*

' cut along broken line

5. Write "U.S." in the center of the top half of the flag in yellow.

6. Attach your flag to your wooden dowel if you choose to do so, or hang it any way you like.

' cut along broken line

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