Cardboard Fort Sumter

1. Use the tape measure to take a rough measurement of your head. Felt usually comes in 8Z/2-by-11-inch sheets, and most kids can make a hat that will fit simply by cutting one sheet of felt lengthwise, down the middle. This will give you two 4Z4-

cardboard by-11-inch pieces of felt. If your head is bigger than this, cut another piece of felt down the middle. You can use one of these extra strips to make the hat larger if you need it.

2. Cut four strips of cardboard approximately 8 inches long by 2 inches wide. These will form the base of your hat.

3. Staple three of the four cardboard strips together lengthwise. Wrap this strip around your head. If it is too small, add another cardboard strip and measure again. Staple the ends together so that the cardboard ring fits snugly on your head, then cut off any extra cardboard.

4. Take one of the felt strips and staple it to the cardboard ring: the bottom of the long end of the felt should line up with the bottom edge of the cardboard ring so that the cardboard ring is completely covered. Then take the second strip and do the same. Tuck any extra felt from the second strip under the first so that when you're done, you'll have a complete circle of felt.

5. The top of the kepi is smaller than the headband. Make a circle out of cardboard that's about 5 inches in diameter (see the template on page 132). Make a circle of felt about half an inch wider than the cardboard circle, and glue the two circles together.

6. Now lay the circle over the top edge of the hat. Since the top of the hat is smaller than the bottom make the felt overlap at the top, so it fits the circle (see diagram). Staple or glue the top sides of the hat to keep this shape.


glue glue

fold over, , glue down edges

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