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1. Cut a square out of the fabric measuring 11C4 inches by 11C4 inches. Lay it on a work surface with the right side up. Lay your quilt square on top of the fabric square with the right side down ((so right sides are together). Pin completely around three of the sides, and one quarter of the way from each corner on the fourth side. If any of the edges don't line up well you can trim a bit to make them even. Stitch these seams together leaving a Z4-inch seam allowance.

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2. Turn the pillowcase right side out so that the seams are on the inside. Press with the iron, pushing the seam allowance at the open gap to the inside. If you are making a wall hanging, stitch the gap closed. For a pillow, stuff the case with pillow stuffing and then sew the gap closed.

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