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1. If you are using green husks, skip this step. If you are using dried husks, soak them in water until they are pliable. While the husks are soaking, cut a half dozen or so pieces of string, each about 5 inches in length.

2. Grab several large corn husks from the bowl and tie them together an inch or two down from one end. Pull the lengths of the husk down over what is to be the head part, like peeling a banana. Shape the head and tie string around what is to be the neck.

3. To make the doll's arms, remove three more husks from the bowl. Tie them together at one end, braid, and tie off. Cut the ends to make even. Place the arms between the lengths of husk then tie a piece of string around the doll's waist.

4. Crisscross thin strips of corn husk around the doll's chest, waist, and neck. Tuck the ends in (you can tie off the husk strips before tucking them in). Use thin husk strips to cover the strings at the doll's "wrists."

5. To fill out her skirt, trim the widest corn husks you have so they are approximately the same length. Wrap these husks around her mid dle and tie in place. Wrap her middle with a strip of husk, then trim the bottom of her skirt so it's even. v-

6. For hair, you can glue on dried corn silk, or take a large rectangular piece of husk, fold it, and tie it as a head scarf.

7. It's a good idea to let the doll dry, standing, on a flat surface.

CORN HUSKS can be soaked in food coloring to make colored clothing or skin. Soak husks for 30 minutes in a large bowl containing warm water and several drops of your desired color. To make vibrant browns, soak husks in a large bowl of coffee or tea.

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