What to do

1. Use the scissors or knife to carefully cut off the top of the box. Label the sides of the box, left, right, front, and back.

2. On the right and left sides of the box, use your ruler to draw a diagonal line from the top back corner to the bottom front corner. Use your scissors or knife to cut along these diagonal lines. Once the lines are cut, cut off the front of the box. This should leave you with half of a box with a triangular shape.

3. Use your pencil to draw triangular windows on the left and right sides of the box. Cut these windows out.

4. Cover the windows with cheesecloth, taping it securely to the cardboard.

5. Use the; aluminum foil to cover the back, bottom and sides of the inside of your box but make sure to leave secure cheesecloth the cheesecloth uncovered. Tape the foil securely to the over ┬░penings ] N inside of the box so thaO it won't fall off when you move it around.

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