What to do

1. To make a pattern for your doll, fold a piece of paper in half. Use a pencil to draw the outline of half of your doll onto the paper. ' y This way the doll will be symmetrical. It should be a fairly ) ( i simple design so it's easy to cut out. Add V2 inch around your doll's outline for a seam allowance. Cut the paper along the seam allowance and unfold the paper.

2. Place the pattern on your chosen fabric and pin it into place. Carefully cut around the pattern. Do this twice so that you have front and back sides for your doll.

3. Decorate your doll with paint if you want to, and allow it to dry before going on to the next step.

4. Pin the two sides together, with decorated sides FACING each other, and carefully sew together, xh inch from the edge of the fabric. Leave a 2-to-3-inch section open where the dolls legs meet, and turn the doll right side out. Next, stuff the doll with filling and sew the gap closed.

5. Decorate more if you'd like with yarn for hair, buttons, markers, etc.

Leave gap seam to insert


Insert stuffing in gap in seam

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