American Civil War Artillery 186165

Field Artillery

American Civil War Artillery

ihp Katcher • Illustrated by Tony Bryan

Civil War Mortar Plans

PHILIP KATCHER lives and works in Pennsylvania USA, and has written over 20 titles in the Men-at-Arms series including the highly successful five-volume set on Armies of the American Civil War.

American Cival War Cannons

TONY BRYAN is a freelance illustrator of many years experience. He initially qualified in Engineering and worked for a number of years in Military Research and Development. Tony has a keen interest in military hardware - armor, small arms, aircraft and ships -and has produced many illustrations for partworks, magazines and books, including a number of titles in the New Vanguard series.

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  • Anton
    How a civil war cannon works?
    9 years ago
  • primula twofoot
    What color is a civil war canon?
    8 years ago

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