Pdr Field Gun Carriage

1 Lock chain boft and eye plate

2 Part of the lock chain

3 Sponge and rammer stop

4 Ear plate to support worm, key chain and key

5 Box of the elevating screw

6 Elevating screw

7 Washer hook for handspike

8 Linstock socket

9 Washer hook for lock chain

10 Cap-square chain

11 Cap-square

12 Cap-square key chain and key

13 Trunnion plate

14 Handspike ring

15 Sponge hook

16 Axle body

17 Axle tree

18 Under strap

19 Large pointing ring

20 Small pointing ring

21 Pro Ion ge hooks

22 Wheel guard piate

23 Trail handles

24 Lunette

25 Cheek

26 Hub

Hub Locks Cutaway
3-in. Ordnance Rifle
Sponge Worm RammerField Worm Field Gun
Chain Earplate

F: The traveling forge -top and side cutaway views.

Traveling ForgesHub Locks CutawayHandspike Slavery

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