Introduction 7

The Opposing Commanders 9

Grant's Fighting Command 9

Grant's Character 10

The Rebel Generals 12

The Opposing Armies 15

The Strategic Situation, Autumn 1862 19 Grant's First Attempt, November to December 1862 19

Sherman's Attack at Chickasaw Bluffs 23

McClernand Takes Over 25

Grant's Winter Problems 27

First and Second Projects 27

Third Project 29

The March Begins 33

The Ships Run Through 33

Crossing the River 40

Living Off The Land 46

Fast Marching 48

The Battle of Champion Hill 51

Big Black River 57

The Siege of Vicksburg 62

Initial Assaults 63

Siege Operations 65

Inside Vicksburg 70

The Surrender 85

The Consequences 88

The Battlefield Today 91~

Chronology 93

A Guide to Further Reading 94

Wargaming Vicksburg 95

The Western Theatre of Operations, Autumn 1862

The Siege Vicksburg

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  • jens
    Where was the battle of vicksburg?
    8 years ago

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