Vicksburg M



^ General Ulysses S. Grant, architect and executor of the Vicksburg campaign. This impression of Grant on campaign, and rather more carefully dressed than usual, was drawn by Sch-abelitz for the Recorder Art Supplement of April 1892.

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ISBN 1-85532-353-2

Produced by DAG Publications Ltd for Osprey Publishing Ltd. Colour bird's eye view illustrations by Cilia F.urich.

Cartography by Micromap. Wargaming Vicksburg by Paul Stevenson.

Wargames Consultant Duncan Mac-farlane.

Mono camerawork by M&E Reproductions, North Fambridge, Essex. Printed and bound in Hong Kong.

Illustrations on the following pages are reproduced by courtesy of the Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection: 2, 12, 13, 20, 21,23,26, 28, 34-5, 38,41,43, 49, 51, 52-3, 56,60,61, 64, 66-7,68, 69,74-5,76-7 (top), 80, 81,82.

Grand Gulf Mississippi
S \
Battle Grand Gulf

A Top: During the siege of Vicksburg, a mine was exploded under one of the Confederate forts, on the Jackson road. In the foreground of this contemporary artist's impression, looking remarkably casual, are Generals Logan and McPherson. Below: in the saps between the White House and the Vicksburg crater, 2 July.

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