Naval Flags

Each commissioned ship of the US Navy and US Marine Revenue Cutter Service flew several flags. A jack, which was simply the dark blue canton with its w hite stars of the National Flag, was flown at the jack staff of the vessel's bow. A National Flag was flown from different staffs, according to the type of vessel; and a commission pennant identified the ship as a vessel of war. This was a long narrow flag, of blue with a line of white stars at the hoist, and two stripes, red above white.

Captains in command of squadrons, and later admirals, were entitled to fly (or 'wear' as it was then termed) a plain blue flag with as many white stars as there were states. In the ease of several squadrons merging, the senior officer would use the blue Hag while the next in rank had a red flag. If there was a third captain commanding a squadron in the group, he was entitled to fly the same flag in white.

In February t X65 the admiral's flag was changed from square to rectangular.

.4 con temporary illustration of the V Corps headquarters Hag and one of its division headquarters lings. The headquarters flag marked w ith the backwards 'C' is probably intended to have a '6' lor the 17 Corps.

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