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Confederate Uniforms

Early uniforms were improvised, and one of the most popular garments was the battle shirt. Derived from the common pullover work shirt, these generously cut smocks or overshirts could be of homespun, cotton or wool, brightly colored or drab they were frequently trimmed or braided with contrasting colors and materials, and fitted with breast pockets. Many were worn open at the neck, revealing a civilian shirt and sometimes a necktie beneath others - such as the pattern worn by Gen Maxey's 9th...

Native American Clothing

Wichita Indians Clothing

Bind old pieces of cloths and rags about my legs in imitation of the dressed and smoked buckskin leggings so universally worn by the full blood Creeks of that day Headgear In 1859, Grayson, who made a point of having his clothing cut and sewed by the tailor and in the prevailing style, was embarrassed to be seen with his father, who habitually wore a turban fashioned out of a shawl. Such turbans, brightly colored and fringed and often imported from Russia, were still worn and decorated with...