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Paul Jones is the brain behind trends expert. He has a high rating of finding the winners in important races with highly priced places (161/1 on Betfair exchange). His foresight has also produced major winning predictions, which pay up to 1,355 Euros for every 1 unit stakes and up to 3,997 for 1 stakes. This tipster is based on his long experience in horseracing, in which he has made many successful bets giving him the reputation he carries today. Paul Jones' popularity rises from his win rate of approximately 50% with tips in 1 to 4 major races on the weekends. This means you can participate in at least 10 races every month. The tipping service is simple and easy to follow. The author makes it easy for the subscribers to understand how it works as he gives them the tips. After extensive analysis of the 10-year trends of huge races, he gives tips of the highest class of games for lucrative profits. The members stand a good chance of making the most of our the tips without the fear of losing streaks. To assess the thousands pieces of data, the author takes at least 5 hours in the analysis stage. According to him, he takes into account 20 t0 30 different criteria. The data is collected, collated and assessed before tips are sent to subscribers. This gives them the confidence to trust this tips. They are based on scientific analysis of the odds. Read more...

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Final Furlong Racing

Final Furlong Racing is a service that aims at helping people make huge profits by giving them betting tips. It is a product of Eric Jarvis, someone who has been in the field for more than 17 years, trying to come up with the best betting software in vain. Nevertheless, he succeeded in coming up with this one. Techniques unleash secrets that can be replicated to profits regardless of past experience. From the service, the author guarantees that you can make a four-figure profit with little or no efforts. On the other hand, that does not mean you cannot miss. Losses are there but more so for those who put nearly all their eggs in a lone basket on one contest. Each evening you will be availed with the selections of the following day via your email. The payment is processed via Clickbank and therefore you can be refunded in case of dissatisfaction. Seize this opportunity and become rich within a short period of time. Read more...

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Bet Hack Daily Horse Tips by Email

Bet Hack is a daily horse racing tipster service; He has been providing betting tips since age 18, there is no other investment quite like betting on horses. There is no other investment vehicle where gamblers can make 200% or more on a single wager. In horse racing, making profits well beyond initial investments is the norm. Frankly, it is not even anything exceptional in this regard. Each morning Max Foster (creator) emails out his selections to subscribers. All that you have to do is sign up to any online bookies, and from there you can place your bets. The profits that Bet Hack has supposedly been making for members is entirely monetary. This means that those who are making 110,000 may well be staking 1,000 per bet or more. As a new member that as interest in horse bet, you can sign up to any online bookies in a matter of minutes. From there you can place bets securely online. Each morning Max Foster (creator) emails out his selections to subscribers. Giving you weekly profits above 2500 is one of the main benefits of this product, and Giving you a guarantee of winning every single day Read more...

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Inside Line Tips

Inside line is an official betting site which is tried, tested and proven to be legit and reliable to enable all members to win on every bet they place. Inside line uses a bulletproof method which allows all members to be confident when betting and win big. There are four betting tips which Inside Line uses which are namely 53.9% strike rate which normally has 900 winners from 1670, 387 points which is the total profit and the total number of points made since 2017 January. There are 29 points tip which usually is the monthly return and finally 4.06 which is the average odds of the bets given. The developer of Inside Line who is Gabriel Bradley is an expert in the field of betting and over the years, his main source of income has been from betting. A major advantage associated with the Inside Line is that you are guaranteed to win once you join and your purchase is always safe as you are guaranteed of 100% money refund on the bases that you feel not satisfied with Inside Line services. Read more...

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Don's Daily Tips Service

Don's Daily tips service is a method created by the professional punter Don Johnson, in order to help amateurs earn consistent profit from horse racing. By teaching you the basics to efficiently gamble on flat racing to earn constant profits., and sending you about 3 to 4 'gambling tips'' each day, this system will boost the amount of money you earn when you make a bet. However, Don will never provide you useless information: These tips are taken directly from his own black book of betting; so he is talking to you from his own personal experience, so he won't send you spam emails or vain messages.Don's Daily tips service help people all over the world to earn tax-free money from putting their cash down on the horses. Don's Daily tips follow other forms of racing but the product expertise lies in the flat racing market. This product offer consistency and that is what grows the betting bank. There is no way that this service magically provides which horse will win the race, but it gives you a pattern you can learn in order to earn a fixed amount of money. Don's Daily tips service will teach you how to make a profit regardless of each race's result. Read more...

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Assaults at Petersburg june 16181864

Our officers are, during this temporary quiet, freely indulging in those refined tastes which army life is so well calculated to develop, by engaging in such innocent amusements as horse racing, gambling, and their usual accompaniments, commissary whisky, midnight revels and broken noses.

William Willis Blackford

William Willis Blackford

T* '' ' The South Challenges the North in One of America's Most Famous Horse Races Nearly forty years before Confederate and Union cavalrymen mounted horses to face each other in the Civil War, a less violent contest between riders from America's Southern and Northern regions captured the country's attention. This contest, which pitted a horse from the North named American Eclipse against a horse from the South named Sir Henry, was the first great horse racing event in American history.

Forward Volunteers

165th New York Zouave Jacket

Using the 69th New York and recruiting other Irish-American regiments, Meagher went on to raise the Irish Brigade. Renowned for his love of battle, as well as drink, elaborate parties and horse racing, Meagher lived up to all the ideals of a true Zouave on and off the field. He saw his beloved brigade grow into one of the greatest legends of the Ci il War.

Army life

Soldiers spent their free time writing letters home, detailing their reactions to their new surroundings, politics, and emotions about missing home. When they were not writing, they were reading dime novels and newspapers from home or national newspapers, including the popular pictorial papers such as Frank Leslie's Illustrated, Harper's Weekly, and Southern Illustrated News. Soldiers frequently indulged in playing cards, horse racing, drinking, fist-fighting, storytelling, animal chasing, and other irreverent activities to escape the loneliness of army life.

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