American Civil War Armies 4 State Troops

Text by PHILIP KATCHER Colour plates by RON VOLSTAD

Published in 1987 by Osprey Publishing Ltd

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British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data Katcher, Philip

American Civil War armies.—(Men-at-arms series;


4: State troops

1. Confederate States of America. Army— Equipment 2. Confederate States of America. Army—Uniforms 3. United States. Army— Equipment—History 4. United States History-Civil War, 1861-1865- Equipment and supplies I. Title II. Series 355-8'0973 UC86

ISBN 0-85045-747-5 Filmset in Great Britain

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Author's Note

The uniforms described in this book arc variations from regulation US Army and Confederate patterns. Such references may be checked against the regulation uniforms described and illustrated in dept in MAA 170, American Civil War Armies (1): Confederate Artillery, Cavalry and Infantry, MAA 177, American Civil War Armies (2): Union Artillery, Cavalry and Infantry: and MAA 179, American Civil War Annie. (3): Staff, Specialist and Maritime Services.

A word 011 spellings: in the 1860s, as some of the quotations in this book make clear, Americans spelle< the colour both 'grey' and 'gray'. Since the MAA series style is to use British spellings except in direct quoted speech, we have followed our usual practice here, although this inevitably produces some inconsistencies.

Artist's Note

Readers may care to note that the original paintings from which the colour plates in this book were prepared arc available for private sale. All reproduction copyright whatsoever is retained by the publisher. All enquiries should be addressed to:

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The publishers regret that they can enter into no correspondence upon this matter.

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