Tennessee's Union troops wore standard US Army uniforms, while their Confederate troops wore standard dress for their army. There does not appear to have been a state belt plate, although it has been suggested that a very crude rectangular Mamped copper belt plate marked 'YS' and found

This private from Alliance, Ohio, wears the short jacket and black, broad-brimmed hat favoured by Western soldiers. Note the watch chain just below the jacket bottom. (Author's collection)

in a Southern site may represent the 'Volunteer State', Tennessee's motto. Buttons bearing the Tennessee coat of arms were worn by state troops on both sides.

Tennessee's Southern troops were also badly armed. As late as i April 1862 the 55th Tennessee Infantry Regiment was reported as having only a few weapons, and those of various makes. The 46th Infantry had 'only two companies armed (400 for duty, 160 armed)'. A report from the Department of East 'Tennessee on J ", April 1862 indicates that the state's Southern infantry regiments were badly armed, mostly with 'country rifles'. The 1st Infantry Battalion was unarmed, while the 2nd, 3rd, and 8th Cavalry Battalions were 'partly and badly armed with shot-guns'.

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