Falange with no previous political background 8 12

Falange with CEDA background, e.g. S. Suñer 5 7

Technical (experts) with Falangist orientation 4 6

Total Falange 17 25

Carlist 3 4.5

Acción Española (once led by Calvo Sotelo) and non-Carlist monarchist 2 3

Civil figures of the Miguel Primo de Rivera dictatorship 3 4.5

Political Catholicism, e.g. ACNP; Christian Democrat 3 4.5

Opus Dei 3 4.5

Technical or civil service apolitical 10 15


With Falangist leanings, e.g. Gen. Yague 3 4.5

With Carlist leanings 1 1.5

With Acción Española or Opus Dei ties 2 3

With CEDA background 2 3

Former office-holders under Miguel Primo de Rivera 2 3

With no particular identification 16 24

Total military 26 39

Total 67 100

Source C: the Caudillo's balancing act, according to the German Ambassador to the Franco regime, May 1938.

[Franco] has very cleverly succeeded, with the advice of his brother-in-law . . . in not making enemies of any of the parties represented in the Unity Party that were previously independent and hostile to one another . . . but, on the other hand, also in not favouring any one of them that might thus grow too strong . . . It is therefore comprehensible that, depending on the party allegiance of the person concerned, one is just as apt to hear the opinion in Spain that 'Franco is entirely a creature of the Falange,' as that 'Franco has sold himself completely to the reaction,' or 'Franco is a proven monarchist,' or 'He is completely under the influence of the Church.'

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