Source A Rudolf Rocker a German anarchist on Negrins relations with the UGT 1937

[In Catalonia] in that stirring period after the defeat of the Fascist revolt . . . the membership card of a trade-union played an important role and, one might say, served its possessor as a pass.

So it came about that thousands of small managers, tradesmen, local politicians, saloon-owners, government employees, etc., flocked into the UGT unions, which naturally were more to their liking than the old storm-tried organizations of the CNT. And this went on at greater pace as the Communist PSUC, under whose political guardianship the syndicates of the UGT in Catalonia stand, came out more plainly with its attacks on the efforts at socialization of organized labour . . .

Still it is not to be disputed that the UGT is today a serious hindrance to the CNT in Catalonia, and that under the special protection of the Negrin government in Valencia it has grown into a grave danger to all the economic and political achievements of the Spanish working class.

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