Source B from Joint Letter of the Spanish Bishops to the Bishops of the Whole World Concerning the War in Spain 1 July 1937

Coinciding in the same initial moment of the conflict the [civic-military Movement and the Communist revolution] mark, from the beginning of the war, the deep division of the two Spains which were to contend on the battlefields . . . The War is therefore like an armed plebiscite . . .

But, above all, the Revolution was anti-Christian. We do not believe that in the history of Christianity and in the interval of a few weeks there has occurred such an explosion of hatred, in all forms of thought, will, and passion, against Jesus Christ and His sacred religion. So great have been the sacrilegious ravages suffered by the Church in Spain that the delegate of the Spanish Reds sent to the Congress of the Godless in Moscow was able to say: 'Spain has surpassed in a great degree the work of the Soviets, as the Church in Spain has been completely annihilated.'

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