Source B from Palmiro Togliattis confidential report to Comintern HQ in Moscow 30 August 1937

The . . . overthrow of Largo Caballerol's government has undoubtedly gone to the heads of some comrades. They have decided that the success was due solely to the [Communist] party, forgetting that Prieto and the centrists had played a very important role . . . This false assessment contributed to the view coming to the fore that now the party can pose the question of its hegemony, and struggle openly for this hegemony in the government and in the country . . .

In Catalonia . . . the comrades had defined their main task as being to 'struggle for the destruction of all capitalist elements' . . . thus arriving at the logical conclusion that such a policy could be carried out only by a proletarian and communist government . . . It is clear that . . . the confused comrades could not grasp the fact that after the fall of Caballero their task was, on the one hand, to exert pressure on the government to secure the implementation of a popular front policy and, on the other, to prepare an enlargement of the government's basis.

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