Source C a critical view of Negrn from Jason Gurney looking back on his years as an International Brigader

Largo Caballero, whose premiership had more or less been accepted by all the factions of the Left, had been forced to resign as he would not agree to the destruction of the POUM . . . Negrin, whose very name was totally unknown to the mass of the people, was appointed Prime Minister on the instructions of the Party. He was an intellectual and a man of extreme arrogance . . . and certainly no Communist, but he admired the ruthlessness of the Communist Party policies and thought that he could use them as a tool to centralize the diverse elements in the Republic and bring them into a single planned and efficient unit. It was typical of his arrogance that he believed that he was making use of the Communist Party when, in fact, they were using him. It was agreed between them that the Trades Union movement, both CNT and UGT, were to be united, whether they liked it or not. There was to be no further talk of the Revolution. All political parties were to be strictly subservient to the central Government. We were now fighting solely for the Republic and there must not be any kind of action or propaganda that would upset bourgeois sensibilities. The process of land reform was to be halted and assistance denied to the co-operatives. Everything that the mass of the Republicans thought they were fighting for was cancelled out.

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