Source C from Searchlight on Spain by Katharine Atholl 1938

The effect of this holocaust on public opinion all the world over was so tremendous that . . . attempts were made by the insurgent authorities to disclaim responsibility . . .

[Three] British journalists, Mr Steer, Reuters' correspondent, and Mr Noel Monks of the Daily Express, have described how they were all machine-gunned together from 'planes that afternoon, some miles from Gernika, and how they saw 'planes in the direction of Gernika and heard the sound of bombing. Mr Gerahty, the Daily Mail correspondent with the insurgents, also from Vitoria saw their bombers flying into the Basque country on the 26th . . . There is no question, therefore, that insurgent 'planes were 'up' and over or near Gernika on the day of its destruction.

It has since been suggested on behalf of the insurgents that, though a few bombs may have been dropped on the town, the fires which finally destroyed it were caused by Basque or [Asturian] incendiaries. But the testimony of many people questioned in Gernika that night . . . was unanimous as to the causes of the tragedy, and the Star correspondent, who was actually watching the bombardment from 5 p.m. states that German 'planes 'dropped a succession of incendiary and high-explosive bombs for three hours'.

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