Source C Harold Cardozos proFranco perspective 1937

It became obvious that things were going from bad to worse, and that a complete upheaval could not be long delayed. The Azana hangers-on were afraid to accept the help of the Army for fear they should be obliged to abandon part of their political campaigns of greed and anti-religious hatred, while, on the other hand, they submitted to the almost open blackmail of the Red extremists . . .

But . . . these Army officers, trained to respect discipline, law and order, imbued with the traditions of Christian Spain . . . felt in the great majority that they could not accept the imposition, by a minority, of the atheistic principles of Moscow on Spain. They decided that if things did not improve, the Army would have to do once more what it had so often done in the past, take over the government of the country itself . . .

The Army movement . . . was the justifiable defence of the 'real Spain' against deadly menace from abroad. It had the support, not only of the two strong political parties, the Carlists and the Falangists, but of the great mass of the people - workers, middle class, and aristocrats alike.

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