Source E the Thirteen Points war aims of the Spanish Republic issued by Negrins government on 1 May 1938 summaries appear in italics

The Government of National Union . . . hereby solemnly declares its war aims to its fellow-countrymen and to the world.

First: To ensure the absolute independence and complete integrity of Spain; a Spain entirely free from all foreign interference . . . with her peninsular and insular territory and her possessions untouched and safe from any attempt at dismemberment, seizure or alienation; and with her protectorate zone, assigned by international agreements, retained . . . Spain will draw more closely together the links forged by a common origin . . . which bind her to the other Spanish-speaking countries.

Second: Withdrawal of foreign military forces.

Third: A people's Republic, represented by a virile state based on the principles of pure democracy . . . with the full authority conferred by universal suffrage . . .

Fourth: No reprisals for anyone participating in a plebiscite on a legal and social structure for the post-war Republic.

Fifth: Without undermining national unity, respect for regional diversity.

Sixth: The Spanish State shall guarantee all citizen rights in civil and social life, liberty of conscience and the free exercise of religious belief and practice.

Seventh: The State shall guarantee legal property . . . It will prevent the exploitation of the citizen and subjugation of collectivity by an accumulation of wealth . . . To this end it will encourage the development of small properties, [and] will guarantee family patrimony . . .

Eighth: Reform of the old system of landownership which lacked 'every human, national and patriotic sentiment'.

Ninth: Rights of workers guaranteed by the State in agreement with the specific necessities of Spanish life and economy.

Tenth: . . . the cultural, physical and moral improvement of the race.

Eleventh: The Spanish army, at the service of the nation itself, shall be free from all hegemony, bias or party, and the people shall recognise it as a sure stronghold for the defence of their liberties and their independence.

Twelfth: . . . The State reaffirms renunciation of war as a tool of national policy, and support for the League of Nations. Spain, . . . claiming as a Mediterranean power her place among the nations, is always ready to collaborate in the support of collective security and the general defence of peace. In order to contribute effectively to this policy, Spain will develop and intensify every possible means of defence . . .

Thirteenth: Amnesty for all those involved in reconstruction and restoration of national greatness.

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