Source F from the Bishops Pastoral Letter on the Constitution December 1931 published on 1 January 1932 in the Catholic newspaper El Debate

Freedom for all associations, even the most subversive; and extreme precautions are taken to limit the religious congregations, which devote themselves to the most rigid perfection of their members, to social charity, to generous teaching and to the functions of the priesthood . . .

Notwithstanding, a distinction must be made between 'constituted power' and 'legislation' . . .

The acceptance of the constituted power does not imply in any way conformity, still less obedience, to legislation which is contrary to the law of God and of the Church. But nations are curable and legislation perfectable. So, without diminution or attenuation of the respect due to the constituted power, all Catholics will consider it a religious and civic duty to display their zeal and to use all their influence to contain the ongoing abuses of legislation and to change for the better the unjust and damaging laws passed up to date.

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