Source F from the Diary of Count Ciano Italian Foreign Minister

March 28 1939: Madrid has fallen and with the capital all the other cities of Red Spain. The war is over. It is a new, formidable victory for Fascism, perhaps the greatest one so far . . .

Demonstrations in the Piazza Venezia because of the fall of Madrid. The Duce is overjoyed . . .

June 5 1939: Departure for Naples. Serrano Suner arrives with the Duke of Aosta . . . Serrano Suner clasps my hands for a long time and repeats words of gratitude for what Italy has done and her way of doing it. I embrace Gambara; through him I clasp to my breast every one of those who return and every one of those who remain in Spain, the guardians of a friendship and performers of a task which will produce glorious results.

I have a long conference with Serrano Suner while we are driving through the streets of Naples. We touch on many points: . . . Spain fears a war in the near future because she is to-day at the end of her resources. In certain regions there is famine. If she can have two or preferably three years, she can reconstitute herself and complete her military preparations. Spain will be at the side of the Axis because she will be guided by feeling and by reason. A neutral Spain would, in any event, be destined to a future of poverty and humiliation . . . Serrano Suner was very glad to learn that we and the Germans also wish to postpone the conflict for some years.

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