Source F Left Book Club authors on the events of 1930

On August 17, 1930 republican leaders met at Hotel de Londres, San Sebastian. Headed by the extreme Right republican leaders, such as Niceto Alcala Zamora, later President of the 1931 Republic; Alejandro Lerroux, later associated with the fascist leader Jose Maria Gil Robles, Miguel Maura, and others, a pact was drawn up compromising whatever differences there were to attain the common object of the establishment of a republic. They counted on nation-wide general strikes and support of the bulk of the army.

Captain Fermin Galan, a heroic republican figure, author of an idealistic book for the regeneration of Spain, The New Creation, on December 12, 1930 led what was known as the Jaca Revolt.

The fact that Captain Galan commenced the revolt prematurely shows the mistrust of the republican officers towards the republican civil leaders, who constantly postponed the hour of revolution. Captain Galan and his associates hoped to confront the republican leaders with a fait accompli and thus compel them to act further. The revolt was a miserable failure. Together with Captain Angel Garcia Hernandez, Captain Galan was court-martialled and sentenced to death. At the trial he was asked: 'Did you have accomplices?' 'Yes,' was the reply. 'Who are they?' 'Yourselves, cowards!' shouted the condemned captain.

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