Source F Prime Minister Largo Caballero writes to Stalin Molotov and Voroshilov 12 January 1937

The help you are providing to the Spanish people . . . considering it as your duty . . . has been and continues to be greatly beneficial . . . From the bottom of my heart, and in the name of Spain, and especially on behalf of the workers, we assure you of our gratitude. We trust that . . . your help and advice will continue to be available to us . . .

Those comrades who . . . came to our aid, are rendering us great services. Their vast experience is useful to us and contributes notably to the defence of Spain in her fight against Fascism. I can assure you that they are bringing to their task genuine enthusiasm and extraordinary courage. As to Comrade Rosenberg, I can say in all sincerity that we are satisfied with his behaviour and activity. He is liked by everybody here. He works hard, so hard that this affects his already undermined health.

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