Source G from the Juventud de Accin Popular JAP the CEDA youth movement Manifesto October 1932

As one of its postulates JAP still has faith in the legal struggle; but we advise the government that we are reaching the limits of its effectiveness: arbitrary suspension of the press, inhuman deportations, imprisonment . . . confiscations and the systematic persecution of the Church create a state of opinion whose consequences for the peace of Spain we would be the first to lament. Seeing that all avenues for legal action are closing, no other alternative remains but to exercise the right of legitimate defence . . .

Forget rebellion. In order to act against the government we shall move within legality: but in questions of . . . defence of our principles, not one step backwards. The Youth Movement wants to demonstrate that we live within Acción Popular's set of ideas, but also we declare that this attitude should not be taken by anybody as a sign of the cowardice of the right . . .

The Youth Movement does not now raise the question of the form of government. Not because we believe this to be a matter of no account, but because we estimate that the time has not yet arrived when this matter should be taken on board. We declare ourselves, therefore, partisans of the status quo. We do seek to not impose our viewpoint.

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