Source G from The Owl of Minerva by Gustav Regler 1959

A strong magnetic power emanated from Madrid and those voluntary units. They have called us adventurers and ascribed to us a considerable number of crimes. Koestler in his obituary of Orwell talks about the 'sham-fraternity' of the International Brigade. But how could a troop exist and win the most difficult battles if their main duty were that of field-gendarmes, their ambition plunder and their morale a sham-fraternity? . . .

'I've come out of Dachau,' said Hans Beimler, the Bavarian leader of the Germans. He had got away to Prague and then had become a member of the Central Committee of the exiled German Communist Party . . . 'The only way we can get back to Germany is through Madrid,' Beimler said.

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